Bio: On my blog jonathanthriving I write about me, my ongoing relationship with Cancer and my desire to thrive not just survive. On the blog Golden to Sunshine State charity ride 2017 which I share with my long suffering friend Ollie we're going to be writing and posting about the training, preparation and then a cross America bike ride next year to raise money for a wonderful Charity called UCARE. I'm currently recovering from cancer for the fourth time and this time round I want to use my experiences to encourage people to make some small lifestyle changes that will help them hopefully be healthier for longer and if the worst happens deal with illness better. So hopefully I can motivate and inspire a little, inform and educate a bit and de-stigmatise Cancer a little bit more. I'm a fund raiser, a patient advocate, a Cancer survivor and sufferer but still I am just me and I will not be defined by my illness. My legacy will not be he survived Cancer four times it will be he thrived after having it and made the absolute most out of life. I love a picture, I love a quote and I have been known to love a cliche but I hope you enjoy what you read on my blogs and on twitter so if you do please spread the word.

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