Cancer is teaching me to pay it forward

It’s fair to say 2016 has been a shit show of a year. Yet again Cancer has dominated the headlines with a fourth reappearance for me and my father has been diagnosed with Prostate cancer.   Alongside my lungs not working as well as they should as a result of all of the treatments and some non-health stresses this year has been pretty fucking bad.

There’ve also been people that have led the way in making the year harder than it needs to be and I’d like to thank them for being the selfish, emotionally derelict and frankly vile people they are because it makes the other acts of human kindness I’ve experienced mean even more.

This year has taught me that the genuine words of a stranger mean more than all the hollow comments from ‘friends’ and real friends are there for you, they don’t make you guess whether they will be, they just are.

In the darkest times this year my spirits have been buoyed by social media messages from across the world or a text from a friend just checking in. It’s such a little thing but has meant so much. This is something I want to pay forward, having experienced the difference it can make I’m going to reach out, message, tweet, email, to friends, to strangers. It may seem silly and trivial, but I promise you the difference you can make to someone’s day is worth it. And the best bit is rarely will you even know the difference it’s made.

This year my body has again endured through another major surgery to remove cancer for the fourth time. When I think what my body has been through with Cancer I realise I’m blessed that it’s strong enough to deal with it and come back like a phoenix ready for whatever happens to me next.

To support my ongoing recovery and celebrate my body’s resilience I am going to become as healthy as I can be in 2017 whilst advocating the benefits of exercise and nutrition for people whose life had been affected by Cancer. At the same time I’m going to say thank you and pay it forward to my oncologist and the wider cancer community by raising £30k for a charity that does amazing work for Cancer patients.

The charity, UCARE, means a lot to me and as a small charity this £30k will make a real difference to their work in research and education of urological cancers (Testicular, Bladder, Kidney and Prostate)

After a year of darkness 2017 is going to be a year of light, reaching out and trying to offer support and encouragement to friends and strangers alike and raising money to help others.

It’s going to be a year of kicking at the darkness ‘til it bleeds light.

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  1. Nick Gall-Tomassen says:

    You continue to inspire me J. Even though I may now be clear, your fight inspires me to be the best I can and never give up on life itself. I pray for you every day alongside all people who fight cancer daily. Stay strong and here’s to a healthier happier 2017 for you brother!

    1. Thankyou so much Nick and I’m so pleased I can inspire even just a little.

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