Thought for the week – Inner Strength

Thought for the week - Inner Strength

I never really considered myself a strong person until I had to be and I suppose that’s really the point of inner strength. How are you supposed to know that there are untapped resources of resolve and resilience if you have never had to tap into them before?

When I found mine there wasn’t a blinding light or an ‘I’ve got wings and I can fly bird like above my problems’ moment. But over time there was a steadying of mind and a hardening of resolve that said I will deal with this battle and I will not yield even an inch of the ground that I have spent my life accumulating.

My strength didn’t manifest itself in wanting to attack my illnesses but in a brutal and aggressive stance that said I will not give up what I have. It was a mind set that said: “Cancer I will meet you here but I am not prepared to give up any more of myself”

When I had won the first, second and third battles with Cancer then I found that my scars, memories and attitude allow me to go forward and get more out of life knowing that my strength means that even if I am to have another battle with the multi headed beast that is Cancer then I know there is a line that it will not cross.

I hope you all have a great week and you take time to look around you and enjoy a simple moment in it.

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