It’s Value for Life not for Value for Money

It's Value for Life not for Value for Money

Having started training in the gym again in an earnest attempt to recover physically and mentally from this third Cancer it occurred to me, as I watched a man squat yesterday whilst chatting away on his Blue tooth earpiece, that you’ll only get out what you put in.

To the gym, to your job, to your relationships, to your recovery.

Yes your Gym membership will cost you money but actually the value for that money doesn’t come from spending it, no it comes from getting in there and pushing plates around, from dripping your last on the treadmill and leaving a bit of you in there every single time.

The same with your job, sure, go to work, hate it be bored…. that’s your prerogative but you’re spending 8 / 10 hours a day there that’s a big spend for you so get your value for life out of it.

Let me put this another way, assume you spend a quarter of your year at work would you spend a quarter of your yearly salary on paying for something you truly hate and is a waste of money. If the answer’s yes, then go read another blog if the answer’s no then: What are you doing, why are you spending your life on something that you’re not getting rewards from?

No one got big or healthy from squatting whilst on the phone and sure as hell no one ever got fulfilment whilst hating their job and giving it 50%.

Go out there and pay for your life with quality time and get the most from it.

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  1. Mskiasway says:

    Absolute Truth. Love it.

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