I’m thankful and lucky

As a survivor there is so much to be thankful for: support, medicine, research, friendship, opportunities the list is endless however even as a multiple survivor I can get caught up in the mundanities of everyday life and I can forget that I am lucky to be here, to have life.

Lucky is not often a word that you will hear Cancer Survivors using but my illnesses have been treatable yet there are millions that are not as fortunate, so that is what I am thankful for…. for the sheer dumb luck that meant the cancers that I deal with have always been treatable and I have never had to hear the words that every Cancer patient dreads to hear.

And in a very perverse way I am thankful to have been ill, i’m never going to say thank you to Cancer but I am a better person now than I was then. I have had and made opportunities that I would never have even dreamt of before I became ill; so I am also thankful for that.


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